Auto Services

Restoration Auto Glass is a full service Minneapolis and St. Paul auto glass repair and replacement company. We service all make and models of vehicles and are ready to repair or replace all the glass in your vehicle. So whether you need a new windshield, door glass, back glass, vent glass, quarter glass, side mirror or just need a windshield repair, Restoration Auto Glass can help. We will even vacuum up the broken glass in your vehicle for you at no additional charge.

If you're looking for car glass repair, Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding metro area is home to numerous repair providers. Selecting one that fits your specific needs can often times be a confusing process. However, Restoration Auto Glass is the only company that can expedite the repair process in a manner that handles the insurance while restoring your vehicle with exceptional quality.

Stop, don't drive with a cracked or broken windshield.

Did you know that your windshield provides up to 70% of the support that keeps your roof from collapsing in a roll over and it helps your air bags deploy properly in an accident?

You can feel safe when choosing Restoration Auto Glass.

At Restoration Auto Glass we have professionally trained and nationally certified (NGA & SIKA) all of our technicians to properly follow all standards and procedures set forth by the Federal Government and AGRSS. (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard). The AGRSS standard is not a Federally mandated accreditation for glass shops, yet one that Restoration Auto Glass believes in and has chosen to be a part of and accredited by.

Learn about AGRSS and the guidelines that we follow when replacing your auto glass: